Horse riding stance

This is nearly always the first stance taught; this is good for developing leg strength but is not really a practical platform for delivering a technique; mainly as there is no front to back stability and a heavy blow to the front of the body will knock you out of stance and probably over! Take time to develop the depth of the stance and not to damage the knee joints.

Put hands on hips.

Spread legs to shoulder width apart.

Lower your body by bending your legs but don't allow your knees to go over your feet. Push your bum back.

You should feel like you are riding a horse, without the horse.

Hold your left arm straight out at shoulder level, palm down make a fist.

Do the same with your right hand, but turn you palm up and then place the right fist on your hip (just about the hip bone).

Now move your right fist out as a punch (rotating so the palm is down), and at the same time bring your left hand back to the hip (rotating so the palm is up).

Breath out while punching, or shout.

Keeping going forever -wow this is fun, fun, fun!

Advanced tips is to move lower and lower on the knees (this lowers your centre of gravity). You could avoid a punch with this stance going over your head -but I wouldn't recommend it! Also as you punch, move your hips slightly towards the punch.

Are we having fun yet? Excellent.