Back stance

I found this rather hard to get the hang of, but I really like this stance; good for posing. Imagine that you are standing in a L shape which is as wide and as your shoulders and twice as tall.

Place your left foot forward to the top left corner of your L shape.

Place your right foot behind to the rear right corner of your L shape.

Keep your left foot pointing forward, but your right foot is 90 degrees to this, pointing along the bottom of the L shape. Your weight should be around 70% on the back (right) foot and 30% on the front (left) foot. Legs quite bent and your centre of gravity fairly low. Clearly this is quite a defensive stance, with an expected attack from the front (since your weight is on the back leg, you can only kick with the front leg). The body position is almost totally turned side on facing up the vertical part of the L shape.

The hands can be in a Palm Block. The right hand is a fist, pulled back at the hip and palm upward. The left hand is a flat palm, all fingers out straight and thumb tucked along side (e.g. just relax your hand and put it palm down on a table top, now bring all the fingers and thumb together). When moving into this stance and block, the left hand is brought up to the right shoulder (ear height) and then downward to hip height above your left toes; while the right hand starts in front of the belly button and moves back to the right hip.

This block can be use to stop a straight front kick, but could damage your wrist doing this, although it is quite effective at halting a sequence of kicks that start with a dummy front kick. I follow the philosophy of: avoid, block, counter (stop), get kicked! on the grounds of increasing pain.

A variant on this block is to use a Middle section knife hand block (see third pattern). First, the left hand comes across to the right shoulder. This then moves back to the left hand side almost horizontal but with just a slight downward movement, with the elbow joint being open at slightly more than 90 degrees to the left. The elbow should end up above the knee and the hand above the foot. The fingers are slightly bent at the tips and the thumb curved in a bit (this is a knife hand type of strike using the outside edge of the hand opposite the thumb). Typically to stop an opponent's right round house punch, or high level turning kick or crescent kick

This is a fairly static stance, given the uneven distribution of weight, but useful as a defensive, get your breath back stance. If anyone has found a good practical use for this, let me know I would be interested as I do like showing off in this stance.