History of the www.steveconway.net Site.

7th June 2010: Upaded Home, Quack, and Characters pages

28th Feb 2008: Fixed some broken links, must have uploaded an old home page; added to the quack page.

22nd May 2006: Wow, must have been too busy of late. Updated humour page.

16st October 2003: Completely re-did the site with style sheets and re-did all the file heirarch etc.

2nd October 2003: Site vanished from server today, very odd. Page on back pain and diets added, and a page on how to do the perfect back kick.

30st September 2003: Fifth form added, and I passed a grading and got my Green Belt today.

21st September 2003: Spring training added and safe stretching, as well as an Alternative Martial Arts Dictionary.

16st September 2003: Bit added to Taekwondo & Self Defense.

11st July 2003: Self defense pages re-done.

4st July 2003: New stance added, fighting stance - with pictures. Happy Independance day to all the american readers (by the way, we let you win).

1st July 2003: New stance added, Ready stance - with picture (I have a new camera).

29th June 2003: New pattern added, Kibon first form. Also Taekwondo Characters added, I've been busy today.

27th June 2003: Back stance added.

25th June 2003: Little bit of light editing. Second to fourth patterns redone so they actually print (see below). Also a cool down exercise added, and I ripped off another site to get the information of belts.

11th May 2003: First pattern redone so it actually prints. The solution was provided by Mrs. Conway who suggested copy out of excel and paste into word and then use word to generate the HTML. This works, but triples the file size. Me computer "expert", Mrs. computer user; me now eating humble pie. Well I would except I do all the cooking.

8th May 2003: Graphics redone, it took ages and it's still not right -think I'll try an image map next.

2nd May 2003: Lesson main page added and the warm up exercise.

30th April 2003: Front page edited, new computer up and running with dreamweaver.

17th October 2002: A little light editing to get me back in the habit.

19th January 2002: 4th Pattern added.

22th December 2001: Forward stance added, and spelling mistakes on walking stance page corrected! Links updated.

18th November 2001: Walking stance added.

17th November 2001: Stances added, with horse riding stance

19th October 2001: Site map added

18th October 2001: Shifted to Dreamweaver and shifted to frame structure

12th July 2001: Links page adjusted

6th April 2001: Loads of bugs fixed, and meta tags added to all pages

9th March 2001: Updated counter and tried to fix the default page

13th February 2001: Shifted to steveconway.net domain.

6th October 2000: Meta tags altered and main page fiddled with in an attempt to get noticed by the search engines.

3rd October 2000: 3rd Pattern added.

19th September 2000: 2nd Pattern added and a bit of editing.

14th September 2000: Humour added (well a weak form anyway).

7th August 2000: Meta tags updated.

3rd August 2000: Links page added.

23rd July 2000: Self Defense page added.

19th July 2000: Few link pages setup with 1st Pattern.

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